Attached below is an announcement about Tygers Together, an independent campaign which complements the goals of the Confraternity of the Green Stag.

Did you know that our Society is in trouble? 

Across the Known World, our entire Society at the corporate level is dependent on membership to keep the lights on. When large numbers of folks don’t renew their membership, we are all in danger of losing our dream. 

Many generous people from across the Known World are willing to not only renew their own memberships, but to pledge to help others do the same if their financial situation is impaired for any reason. 

So, here’s how it works: 

* If you are able, please renew your membership. Yes, even if though there are no events to go to. Even during this period of disruption, the Society still has bills to pay, and that’s what your membership fee helps to support. 

* If you are unable to renew your membership at this time, ask for a gift membership from the Tygers Together campaign. Our donors are eager to help you, in part because it also means helping our Society as a whole. No questions will be asked about your finances, and your information will remain private. We will forward your request directly to the membership office, along with a donor’s payment to ensure your renewal. (Please understand that we cannot guarantee to fund every requested membership, but we will do our best.) To request assistance, please complete this form:

* And if you have means and are willing, join our merry band of donors and help the Society that has given us so much. To begin the process, please complete this form: You can also send your donations via PayPal to

These actions will keep the lights on and the insurance paid while we weather this storm together. The membership fees we send in will fund the SCA operations across all Kingdoms throughout the Known World. 

It’s not just charity: it’s a grassroots populace-driven answer to a Society-wide issue. While there are many things we are powerless to prevent or cure, we are not helpless in the face of adversity. As long as we have each other, our shared dream will not die. 

In Service to the Society,

Tygers Together